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Eventos en Madrid

Eventos en Madrid

Nowadays, Madrid is a modern and cosmopolitan city where all the roads of Spain converge and where a great diversity of cultures, stories, traditions, landscapes and gastronomy trends get mixed up with the hospitality and open nature of the people of Madrid.

Madrid is a wealthy city in culture and art worth to visit. If you are in Madrid and you have some free time to go sightseeing in the city you can find some useful information following this link: culture.

Eventos en Madrid

Enjoy our city and take part in its traditional celebrations and 'fiestas': festivals in Madrid.

If you are looking for restaurants in the city of Madrid and you want to enjoy the traditional spanish dishes as well as the 'tapas' and 'pinchos' in bars and cafeterias take a look at this guide: bars and restaurants.

Last but not least, remember that Madrid is a big city to move around. If you wish you can get about in the city using the bus, metro or train. Here you can also find information on arrivals and departures to and from Madrid: transport in Madrid.